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Special EXCLUSIVE sale deals on Intuit turbo tax products with up to 50% discount on the deluxe, premier and Home & Business editions. If you prefer to download the software or get a CD to install it on your computer, you still get $20 off. Remember, if you file an extension for your 2016 return, you must file it by October 15th 2016.
$40 Off Coupon: Turbo Tax or TurboTax 2016
Great new Turbo Tax coupon! Code not needed, just click to activate the discount. You get TurboTax 2016 / Turbo Tax 2016 coupon with this $40 off promo. Free Shipping.
Home & Business: $99.99 -$20 Off Sale - EXTRA $20 Off = $49.99 Final
Premier: $74.99 -$20 Off Sale - EXTRA $15 Off = $39.99 Final
Deluxe: $49.99 -$15 Off Sale - EXTRA $10 Off = $24.99 Final
1040A: Free
1040EZ: Free Federal, Free E-file and free Earned Income Credit (EIC)!   

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Free turbo tax for 1040EZ + free tax efile
How would you like to have 100% free turbo tax online for the web? That's exactly what official Intuit turbotax promo is offering. As if it was not good enough, they are throwing in free efiling of taxes online to IRS (State additional). The free turbotax offer is for 1040ez form. In other words, if your tax return is not complicated, you can use this offer to get your taxes done 100% free.   
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Save $$ off Turbo Tax Deluxe (Best Refund!)
Special savings (coupon not needed, simply click on the link) on Turbo tax deluxe with best refund saving on TurboTax deluxe online. E-filing is free. Turbo tax deluxe includes the Intuit Deduction Maximizer to find over 350 deductions for you.   
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Save $35: Turbo Tax Premier Discounts
Special savings (coupons not needed, just use the link) on Turbo tax Premier. $36 off (47%) Discount on TurboTax premier online. E filing is free. Turbo tax premier is for you if you trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds or own a rental property. You also get everything included in the Deluxe version.
$75.99 Regular
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Save $40 off Turbo Tax Home & Business (40% off!)
Special savings (coupon codes not necessary, just use the sale link) on Turbo tax Home & Business. $40 off (40% saving) on TurboTax home and business online. E file is free. Turbo tax home & business is for you if you are a sole proprietor business owner or own an LLC company. Has extended Schedule C help. Has everything included in the Premier version.
$99.99 Regular -Sale $20 Off -EXTRA $20 Off = $59.99 Your price.   

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TurboTax Military Edition: FREE Tax Filing (Both Federal and State)
With this deal get TurboTax Military Edition 100% free for both federal and state returns for E1-E5 (active duty or reservists). That is $29.99 saving!   
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$5 Off TurboTax Military Edition: E-6 to E-10 & Officer
TurboTax Military Edition Software $5 Off when you use this coupon link. TurboTax Military Edition is made exclusively for active duty military and reservists personnel. This edition is for E-6 and above, including officers.   
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FREE Expert Tax Advice: Live via Phone and Chat
Use this Turbo Tax promotional link to have your 2016 Tax questions answered for FREE.   
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Get the biggest & fastest refund possible. Start now.
E-file for free with TurboTax Online and get your refund in less than 10 days. Join Millions who trust TurboTax: Fast, Easy, Accurate - Start Now!   
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Sale: turbo tax sale
Fantastic turbo tax sale for federal and state income tax efile online. Guaranteed fast tax refund.
Deluxe: $49.99 -$15 Off Sale - EXTRA $10 Off = $24.99
Premier: $74.99 -$20 Of Sale- EXTRA $15 Off = $39.99
Home & Business: $99.99 -$20 Sale - EXTRA $20 Off = $49.99
1040EZ: 100% Free!   

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turbo tax discount
Exclusive Turbo tax discount to file taxes online. The turbotax 2016 tax preparation software is absolutely free to try, and if you like the results, then only you pay. Your tax refund is guaranteed to be the biggest possible. The discounted prices are below:
Home & Business: $99.99 -Sale=$79.99 - EXTRA $20 Off = $59.99 Final
Premier: $74.99 -Sale=$59.99 - EXTRA $15 Off = $39.99 Final
Deluxe: $49.99 -Sale=$34.99 - EXTRA $10 Off = 24.99 Final

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turbo tax home and business tax preparation $40 Off
$40 Off turbotax home and business is the best offering intuit in their tax software line up. Expanded Schedule C guidance for sole proprietors, self-employed, consultants, 1099 contractors and single-owner LLCs. Maximizes business, vehicle and home office deductions. Shows what start-up costs new businesses can deduct. Guides you through calculating and reporting depreciation of your business assets.
$99.99 Regular -$20 Sale discount -EXTRA $20 Off = $59.99 Your deal.   

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turbo tax premier with state $25 Off
$25 Off turbo tax premier with state is the best package for non-business owners. It has everything that turbo tax deluxe with state has, plus the following features to get you bigger deduction on tax refunds. Help for sales of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, employee stock options, and ESPPs. Tax-saving tips for IRAs and 401(k)s. Extra guidance for rental property income and expenses. Plus 2016 turbotax state download or online.
$79.99 Regular -Promo $25 Off = $54.99 Your price.   

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Turbo tax deluxe with state $20 Off
$20 Off turbo tax deluxe with state: It has everything that turbotax 2016 basic has, plus Free turbotax eFile, Over 350 deductions search, ItsDeductible, the "bluebook" for charitable donated items (a $19.95 value), Summary of deductions from A to Z - see how to qualify and which you're eligible to take.
$54.99 Regular -$20 Off Promo = $34.99 Final price.   

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Professional Tax Preparation online free trial
Now here is something new! Want professional tax return preparation with Turbo Tax? With the new Turbo Tax online service, you simply enter your basic tax information online, and their experienced tax pros will do the rest. Free eFile and Audit Defense protection. Try it for free.   
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Ready for Turbo Tax 2017 & Coupons?
Are you ready for Turbo Tax 2017 & Coupons? The Tax year 2017 season is coming to close and best way to save on Taxes with Turbo Tax 2017 is to plan with Quicken 2017. Use this Quicken 2017 Coupon link to save 36% Off.   
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TaxCaster: Free Tax Calculator 2016
Know EXACTLY how much tax you owe or how much tax refund you will get with this TaxCaster free online tax calculator from TurboTax.   
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$25 Off 2016 TurboTax Coupon: Turbo Tax guides you step by step and is packed with more advice and tips to help you save on your taxes. Uncover tax-saving opportunities, now with great free eFile deals! NEW: Intuit has added military Turbo Tax products with E-1 and E-5 100% free federal AND state editions + free efile. E-6, E-10 and officer versions are discounted to just $24.99.

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