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Cheap international prepaid phone cards. Order online and start using within minutes.
Cheap international phone cards
Save money and time with They offer a wide choice of quality international calling cards for any destination. Order a calling card online, get you PIN online instantly and start calling in minutes! Wherever you are, you are sure to get the fast, reliable and high quality service. Call worldwide with   
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1 a minute long distance and calling card: N2t2Phone PennyTalk prepaid phone card gives you 1 cent calling anywhere in the USA and Canada. It is also an international phone card, with most countries 2 cents and up a minute. Or get an unlimited plan for $19 to call anywhere in the USA, or for $15 for Unlimited calls to anywhere in over 60 countries. The best thing is that you still get to keep your current phone number.
1/min Prepaid Phone Card: US, Canada: 2/min International Calling
Call Anywhere in the USA and Canada with PennyTalk cheap prepaid phone cards. Call internationally for 2 cents a minute.   
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Pingo Prepaid phone cards for cheap long distance. Save on long distance and international calls from your home, business, or mobile phone with your Pingo calling cards. These phone cards are unique in that you do not need to remember any pin numbers. You enter the phone numbers from where you would be calling from, and that's all. You call the toll free number, and dial the number you want to call. The online phone card gives you 1.8 cents calling within US. This international phone card gives you cheap international calling, as little as 1.8 cents a minute to over 200 countries. receives a small commission for any Pingo sales generated by this site.
$10 FREE phone card
Sign up with Pingo and get a FREE $10 phone card.   
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$15 in Free International phone card
Get $15 of free international calling with this cheap international calling card sign up.   
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Call India for just 2.95 cents per minute + 200 FREE minutes
Pingo reduced its rate to India. Plus get 200 free minutes when you sign up.   
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$10 FREE phone card
$15 in Free International phone card
Call India for just 2.95 cents per minute + 200 FREE minutes
Unlimited Long Distance Phone Service: $19
Cheap international phone cards
Free Long Distance!
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